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Pacific Coast Titles / NSW Northern Zone Round 1

from Alison Green 9 February 2017

Port Macquarie Kart Racing Club hosted the combined double header Pacific Coast Titles and Barter Card NSW Northern Zone Series round 1 race meeting last weekend.

The meeting had 79 entries, the biggest numbers to Port Macquarie Kart Racing Club in a few years. The numbers coming to the track have grown astronomically in the past 6 months and people came from Sydney, Queensland , Newcastle, Central Coast, Tamworth, Armidale, Grafton, Coffs Harbour, Lismore, Wollongong, Ipswich and more.

port macquarie karts
Above: Race start for Cadet 12s

Zac Burge broke the class lap record on the way to victory in KA4 Junior Light.

Over the next two months, the majority of the track will be resurfaced and there will be a new grid entry and exit. The pit area will also be extended via some earth works and surfacing.

The venue hosts a round of the Rotax Pro Tour in June.

Results (overall points for the meeting):

KA3 Senior Light: 1 Finlay Burnett, 2 Matthew Hill, 3 Maddison Hill
KA3 Senior Heavy: 1 Adam Edwards, 2 Michael Harris, 3 Hayden Buchanan
KA4 Senior Heavy: 1 Meryn Wales
TaG 100: 1 Malcolm Inman, 2 Molly Aiken, 3 Steve Aiken
Junior MAX: 1 Mach Ford, 2 Liam Jones
KA4 Junior Light: 1 Zachary Burge, 2 Ash Campbell, 3 Sam Seccombe
Cadet 12: 1 Zali Green, 2 Kai Morgan, 3 Christian Mansell
Cadet 9: 1 Kayden Thompson, 2 Braith Santin, 3 Rory Clements
KA3 Junior: 1 Liam Jones, 2 Thomas Gallagher, 3 Harrison Hottes
DD2: 1 Travis Cox
TaG 125 Heavy: 1 Troy Brown, 2 Paul Hull, 3 Carl White
TaG 125 Light: 1 Timothy Aebi, 2 Martin Wasley, 3 Adam Edwards
TaG 125 Restricted Light: 1 Brad Tooth, 2 Kurt McRae, 3 Darren Lockhart
TaG 125 Restricted Medium: 1 Jake Sawyer, 2 Sam Taylor, 3 Aron Wasley

port macquarie karts
Above: Kai Morgan won the Cadet 12 final but was second overall on points



port macquarie karts
Above: Brad Tooth (leading) was undefeated in TaG R Light, here ahead of Kurt McRae

Above: Top points in Cadet 12 went to Zali Green 

port macquarie karts

port macquarie karts
Above: Cadet 12 grid up - Christian Mansell (14) on P1 with Zali Green (17), Kai Morgan (55), Riley Rouse (66) and Kiara Edwards (28)

port macquarie karts
Above: KA4 Senior Light winner Finlay Burnett (25) hangs on the outside of Maddison Hill, who finished the final in second

port macquarie karts
Above: Amy Woods, the sole p-plater in KA4 Junior Light