Taine Appointed Deaf Children Australia Ambassador

  17 February 2017

Taine Venables has been appointed an ambassador for Deaf Children Australia.

The 15-year-old karter, who is deaf in his right ear, competed in the opening round of the Australian Kart Championship in the KA2 junior class last week - but will make his senior debut in KA3 this weekend.

Above: Taine with his karts (pic - Pace Images)

"Taine has been racing since he was seven years old and we actually got him into this sport due to his deafness" Taine’s mum Samantha explained to the Deaf Children Australia organisation.

"He is extremely sporty but found it very difficult to hear instructions when he played ball sports. Combined with his love of sport, we fell into motor racing as it was an independent visual sport.  He did not need to rely on hearing.

"He took to it like a duck to water and now really wants to pursue a career in motor sport!”

Taine added “I would like to thank Deaf Children Australia for accepting me to be an Ambassador.  I am both excited and honoured to be working with you and the community to better help educate my peers.”

Last year, Taine competed in the Australian Kart Championship, Rotax Pro Tour, Victorian State Titles, Golden Power Series and Victorian Country Series.

He has gathered support from the following organisations:

  • Pace Images
  • Red Earth Designs
  • Master Karting
  • CC Racing

Above & Below: Taine in action at Newcastle on the weekend (pics - Pace Images)



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