Driver Seriously Injured In Massive Street Race Crash

  21 February 2017

A driver is in serious condition after smashing into a tree during a street race in Medellín, Colombia, on Sunday.

Local karter Sebastián Mesa Pérez suffered multiple fractures after his Shifterkart ran wide at a chicane, launched off an embankment and into a tree that lined the edge of the circuit.

Above: Perez's KZ has been seriously shortened (pic - Andres Isaza Perez / Facebook)

According to a statement issued by the SLS Racing Team, Pérez suffered fractures to both legs, both ankles, hip, right arm and shoulder blade plus bruising on the front of the skull.

He underwent surgery on Sunday to set fractures, and is due for more surgery on Wednesday. While serious, his condition is no longer regarded as life threatening.

"On behalf of the SLS Racing Team and their families we appreciate the support provided by all those close to us" the team stated in a press release. "It is a difficult moment in which we raise our prayers for the early recovery of Sebastian."

Above: Sebastián Mesa Pérez

While the cause of the accident has not been determined, a technical failure on the kart has not been ruled out. Pérez is no rookie driver and was crowned Columbian Shifter Champion in 2016 and has competed in KZ2 in Italy.

Footage of the accident has been posted on Facebook (see below), plus images of the kart and on-board stills published by his family.

Event organisers have come under heavy fire on social media for designing a chicane with an immovable object on corner exit.

Above: Perez Facebook post includes shocking footage of the accident as recorded by a spectator

Above: On-board footage of the accident from Sebastian's kart



Above & Below: Freeze-frames from Sebastian's on-board camera (pics -Andres Isaza Perez / Facebook)

(pic -Andres Isaza Perez / Facebook)

(pic -Andres Isaza Perez / Facebook)






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