Dicker Picked For WA KZ 'Arrive-And-Drive'

  11 March 2017

Sam Dicker is the first X30 driver to be picked for an "Arrive And Drive" round entry in the 2017 Newland and Associates WA KZ Series.

The first round hits off in Geraldton on March 25. As it's the first time the series has visited the Midwest Kart Club, a quality field is expected to challenge some lap records.

Above: Sam Dicker (photo bombed by former WA KZ Series Rookie Anthony Martin!)

This season sees the introduction of the Newland and Associates Arrive and Drive Award. This is awarded to drivers in the X30 class who have been picked because of exceptional results. The drivers get a chance to experience a full race weekend at the next level of racing and hopefully leads to bigger and better things.

Organisers announced that the first X30 driver to get picked is Sam Dicker. They provided the interview below with Sam.

The Series Committee has also confirmed the prizes on offer ($500 first place) thanks to round 1 sponsor, The Kart Center, an impressive indoor karting centre.

Also putting its support behind the series is PatriziCorse, awading third place drivers with a Vrooam Oils pack which is sure to keep their equipment in winning condition. 



Sam, welcome to the WA KZ Series. You have been awarded the Arrive and Drive based on your performance in the X30 class. It must be a great feeling to get the award?

Thank you for the invite. Yes, it is a great feeling to win an award like this. There’s not too many things that feel more professional than a full arrive and drive package in a premier class like KZ.

What are your expectations for the weekend? Have you got your eye on the $500 winners prize? 

I’m headed into the weekend with the mindset to learn something new. Obviously the $500 prize is appetizing, but unfortunately I have done minimal laps in a KZ and I'm not expecting anything - although i'll give it 110% effort for the win. What race driver goes to the track without the intention of winning?

So you have cut a few laps in a KZ Kart before?

I have driven a shifter a couple of times before, I’ve done about 20 laps. Not many at all but enough to get the feel of it. I’ve done plenty of laps in my simulator with a shifter. I certainly expect Geraldton to be a very big learning curve.

What's your aim in motorsport? How will the KZ experience benefit your career?

Well this year I will be competing in the Formula 1000 category for the WA F1000 Championship. My aim is to progress through to hopefully something along the lines of GT cars or even endurance racing. The KZ is extremely physical and most professional race drivers use them for training. It can only help me following into the career of my dreams.

Thanks Sam, Good luck for the weekend hopefully you end up at the pointy end!



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