Hand-Controlled HyperMAXRacer

HyperRacer handed over the "keys" of their first hand-controlled kart to Matthew Blair at Wakefield Park recently (below). The HyperRacer "HC" (hand controls) has been designed for drivers with a leg impairment and features throttle and brake controls on the steering wheel.

Kart manufacturer and designer Dean Crooke took the HyperRacer HC for a 3 lap shakedown test and, despite 'resting' the new engine mid-straight, immediatley produced lap times that would have placed it mid-field.

The HyperRacer HC retails at the same price as the standard Hyper ($11,000) ready to race. It can also be purchased without engine.

Above & Below: The HyperRacer HC has brake lever (left side) and throttle (right side) in easy finger reach on the steering wheel. A lever mechanism actuates the master cylinder.

Above: Dean Crooke (in kart), Jon Crooke and Matty Blair at the HC's first run. After just a few laps, Crooke concluded that the machine is capable of the same lap times as the standard HyperRacer.

More photos and on-board footage of the kart's first run are on the Hyper website HERE.


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