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Monaco GP6

The new Monaco GP6 was released recently by Remo Racing. The new kart is designed for the higher perfomance classes such as Leopard, Rotax, TaG125 and even Formula 100.

Available through Remo Racing dealers nationally (www.remoracing.com.au), RRP $4100.

monaco gp6
Above: The new Monaco GP6 from Remo Racing

Chassis Specifications and Features:

  • 30mm diameter stress relieved chrome moly tube chassis with 32mm fixed front cross-beam
  • 104cm wheelbase
  • 50mm diameter hollow axle supported by three bearings
  • Full-height one-piece machined billet alloy bearing flanges
  • Cam-adjusted rear axle ride height
  • 90mm long machined billet alloy rear wheel hubs
  • Ultra-light quick-change 3-bolt type machined billet alloy sprocket hub
  • 18mm wide grooved and vented rear brake disc. Floating machined billet alloy hub with inbuilt self-loosening system for quick axle changes
  • Braided stainless steel brake lines
  • Self-centering seat washers
  • 10mm precision ground king-pin bolts
  • Adjustable camber/caster, Ackermanand and ride height
  • Machined billet alloy steering tie rods
  • Left and right hand seat stays
  • 9-litre quick-release removable fuel tank
  • 2-piece slide-type engine mount
  • CIK homologated bodywork

monaco gp6
Above: New design brake caliper mounts directly to the bearing cassette instead of the frame.

monaco gp6
Above: This GP6 was fitted with IAME's X30 125cc TaG engine that is up for AKA homologation. The motor is currently approved for non-competitive evaluation

monaco gp6
Above: 'Subaru Blue' frame colour carries over, but the stickers and plastic are new.

monaco gp6
Above: Vented disc and 50mm axle are standard.

monaco gp6
Above: The GP6 uses steel Euro-style stub axles with 17mm shaft.

monaco gp6

monaco gp6
Above: Master Cylinder carries over from the successful GP5.

monaco gp6
Above: Brake disc is smaller diameter than the GP5

monaco gp6
Above: GP6 rear view.

monaco gp6
Above: Plenty of room to mount TaG-style engines such as the X30 which include balance gears, water pipes etc.



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