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Sniper Linear Camber/Caster Adjuster

press release

K-Racer is excited to present an Australian innovation set to revolutionise karting worldwide - the Sniper Linear Camber/Caster Adjuster.

For years karters have compromised their front end alignments by using eccentric adjusters that alter both camber and caster simultaneously within a highly limited range.

Sniper's latest invention allows accurate adjustments to camber and caster independently of each other, across an enormous range of adjustment. The CRG Factory Team was quick to realise the benefits of this system by installing them on their chassis' prior to this years World Championships in Macau, and reaped the benefits with victory going to frenchman Arnaud Kozlinski.

The adjuster has a base plate which is screwed into the C-Section of the chassis. Caster is adjusted in one degree increments by moving the top plate fore-and-aft, before locking it to the baseplate serrations by tightening the kingpin. Camber is set by adjusting the grub screws either side of the brass insert, which allows you to make "stepless" and perfect camber adjustments.

The new Sniper Linear Camber/Caster Adjuster is a simple, elegant and brilliant design that takes all the guesswork and headaches out of wheel alignments, and it's available now at K-Racer.com.au, with free shipping!



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