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Did you know? What sets the X30 engine apart from its competitors...

  • The crankshaft journals and main bearings in the new X30 are 30mm in diameter (opposed to 25mm in the old Leopard RL). There is a 20mm crankpin and big end cage (opposed to 18mm in the old Leopard RL). The 20mm crankpin and big end cage is the same type and style as the New KF1 engines with 45hp.
  • The starter motor brushes are 100% more reliable than the old Leopard RL because the engine has a 'fully cast' aluminium crankcase with provision for the starter motor to be directly mounted into the crankcases and the engine is also fitted with a counter balance shaft minimising all vibrations and harmonics.
  • The Tryton Carburettor is a fully machined Carburettor from the front to the back so NO machining is allowed and NO drilling. This eliminates the unnecessary expense of a $190 blueprint on the current Tillotson Cast Carburettor supplied with the old Leopard RL.
  • The fully machined Tryton Carburettor is easy to tune with its 'adjustable tuneable jets' and is not altered throughout the running of the X30 engine.
  • The cylinder liner is cast iron and has fully machined CNC ports eliminating any variance from engine to engine. IAME's Port tolerances are within 'point one' (0.1mm, 4 thou - your own hair follicle is 4 thou) this guarantee's consistency between engine to engine.
  • There are also 20 oversized pistons available.
  • The electrical system is 'fully digital' and has an incorporated onboard self charging battery system. This eliminates charging batteries in-between heats and because the engine does not rely on the battery to run the engine, there is 'no loss' of power in the engine regardless of the condition of the battery.
  • The Counter balance shafts and gears are made of steel so the gears are reliable. The IAME X30 is homologated with the KG Square silver airbox as 'standard' so it is one airbox only. Standard reed petals with IAME markings on them are the only allowed reed petals. All drivers comment on how 'smooth' the engine is with its counter balance shaft and the 'smooth' delivery of power.
  • The base gaskets can only be varied by 'point 15' (0.15mm) (6 thou) This is due to compression of standard base gaskets fitted in the engine from new.
  • There is a minimum of 'point 9' squish (0.9mm) with a 10.2cc cylinder head volume. There is a genuine IAME head profile gauge for technical inspection. The head may not be altered in shape or style.
  • The X30 exhaust, exhaust-header, reed block, reed petals, reed manifold, carburettor and radiator must carry the IAME identification marks/stamping. Refer to the homologation documents.
  • The reliability of the Clutch has been improved on the new X30, it has a different mounting system eliminating the possibility of any crankshaft damage.
  • The header pipe has been re-enforced on BOTH ends. The exhaust spring coupling is heavily re-enforced which will eliminate any possible failures.
  • The IAME radiator is 25% longer in the new X30 compared to its predecessor. It is supplied as standard for more consistent water temperature which will assist in prolonged performance in hot weather for Australian conditions.
  • The IAME X30 (and the Leopard RL) are the only engines in the world which have a Selettra electronic ignition with pick-up in the stator and generator for battery charging whilst engine is in use. (self charging system)
  • The X30 is already fitted with the New CDI GREEN Rev Limited Unit, in fact, the current Leopard RL engine rev-limiter derives from the new 'X30'. So the electrical on both engines are identical.

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