AIM Power Valve Sensor

An increasing number of modern karting engines are now equiped with a 'power valve' in the exhaust port - think Rotax MAX, the KF generation of engines and many of the TaG motors.

For these engines to deliver maximum performance, the valve has to open and close at the correct RPM. AIM's Power Valve Sensor allows you to see what is actually happening with the power valve so the engine (and the valve) can be tuned properly.

aim poer valve sensor
Above: The parts that make up AiM's Power Valve Sensor

The opening and closing of the valve can be shown directly on the MyChron4 display, so there is no need for any download of the data to view the opening and closing and position of the valve at various RPM.

"The Power Valve Sensor will also connect to M4 E-Box Extreme and to M4 though our new M4 Expansion Hub" AIM's Ron Burns informed KartSportNews. "The M4 Expansion Hub has an extra 4 channels to allow you to add speed, temperature, brake, throttle or power valve position."

The Hub also has external power connection and CAN connection to power the M4 System and to add extras such as Smarty Cam, lambda or Data Keys.

aim expansion box
Above: MyChron Expansion channel multiplier has the Power Valve Sensor now in stock.

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Above: Downloading the data to a PC allows full analysis via Race Studio Analysis software

Above & Below: The kit fitted to an engine's power valve