BRP Rotax Engine Oil

Rotax now has a 2-stroke oil specifically for the F125 MAX range of engines, and it's available now in Australia.

rotax oil

The XPS Kart Tec synthetic blend oil has been specifically developed for the Max engine family and fulfills the special needs of a high revving, high performance 2-stroke engine. It helps strengthen the Rotax’s legendary reliability.

The XPS Kart Tec synthetic oil is formulated to:

  • Be highly lubricant and optimise deposit control
  • Provide visible spark plug and piston colour for race tuning
  • Offer maximum power output
  • Is easy to blend and provides long term stability in fuel/oil mixture ratio

Rotax recommend mixing at 1:30 ratio for running in and 1:50 ratio for optimum performance.

The oil can also be used to increase performance in other engines (follow the manufacturers mixing requirements).

Rotax XPS Kart Tec has a RRP of $29.95

Now available from your local Rotax Dealer!