Jet-Plus V4 Now Available at Reduced Price

Jet-Plus V4 has been updated with a new activation process that has enabled a major reduction in price.

jetplus version 4The software is ideal for selecting the correct jetting options for engines such as the Rotax MAX.

In addition to the new activiation process, other updates to Jet-Plus are:

  • updated to be Vista and Windows 7 compatible
  • free trial period changed from 15 sessions to 60 days
  • addition of a printable graphic chart function (registered users only)
  • updated Help and Hints & Tips files

Jet-Plus V4 is now available at reduced price of $50AUD - go to the Jet-Plus site HERE for more info.

  • LINK: "Rotax MAX Hints & Tips file" (this pdf from Jet-Plus has some great maintainence, performance and setup tips, especially for Rotax karters)