DPE Secures SKF Kart Bearings

press release

SKF ConCentra bearings have been designed specifically for kart racing and have been tested and proven in many countries around the world.

DPE is pleased to advise that we have been appointed the Australian distributor of these great new axle bearings and have just received our first shipment.

SKF ConCentra axle bearings offer numerous advantages over standard axle bearings.

For example, the grubscrews in standard axle bearings mark and can seriously damage axles, particularly the soft axles that are common these days. SKF ConCentra bearings do not have grubscrews but their unique locking system not only ensures the axle is located securely but also allows faster axle changes than you could ever believe, all without marking the axle in any way.

SKF ConCentra bearings can also be disassembled and reassembled quickly and easily, offer very low friction and are designed to grip and centre the axle relative to the centre of the bearing. This provides a smoother turning axle that will accommodate the high loads that are typical in axle applications.

The price might sound high but take into account the many advantages they offer, especially the speed of axle changes and no more damaged axles and you will wonder how you ever did without them.

SKF ConCentra bearings have AKA legal steel balls and are only available in 50mm diameter at this stage.

We expect strong demand, so place your order now!

Product Code: AXB50KU
RRP: $225 (each)


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