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    Douglas Mag Wheels

    The American brand Douglas Wheels are now available in Australia through the DPE dealer network. Douglas, who make wheels for a large variety of vehicles - both recreational and race - have released their M-Series of wheel.

    The M stands for Magnesium. In the karting range, Douglas also has the Q+ (Quantum Plus) series which are the welded two-piece alloy finish wheel.

    Above: A variety of widths, front and rear, spoke and solid, are available in the Douglas Mag range.

    To assist tuning the chassis package, the M-Series is available in two styles; solid and vented (spoked). The solid wheel is the stiffer of the two while the vented rim has a lightened centre and is softer. This means no more guessing if one of your wheels is stiffer than another.

    DPE has been testing the wheels on their own team karts for some time and spotted them in use at last year's Super-8 Final (click here).

    The wheels are finished in a great looking satin black colour and are supplied complete with valves and bead locks. All M-Series wheels are the 'bolt-on' design to fit a hub, not the traditional style with bearings that slide onto a stub axle.

    Solid stiff front rim

    Vented (spoked) softer rear rim

    "We have been involved in testing of these wheels for some time" DPE stated, "and they are without doubt the best quality magnesium wheels we have come across - without exception." They are also light. "According to our research involving a number of different brands, these are the lightest magnesium wheels on the market."

    The Douglas M-Series retails at $350 for a box-set of four wheels (solid or spoked) and includes the CIK bead retaining screws and lock nuts. Individual wheels can be purchased for $87.50 each. They come in a number of different widths in both solid and vented form.

    Douglas Blurb on the M-Series: New magnesium alloy, with higher impact strength, is lightweight, strong and provides super user-friendly tire mounting. Improves tire life on high grip circuits. Improved stiffness and temperature control. Exceeds CIK standards.

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