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15 March

Panther Chain

AiM Sportsystems/REDSPEED Australia have a new product available for Australian and New Zealand karters - the PANTHER high-performance kart chain.

This is a new innovation to the karting industry - the chain is very special because of the constructional features and the chosen production technologies through high dynamic strength. The chain is setting new dimensions regarding resistance to wear, less friction, less drag and high surface pressing. This means MORE POWER from your engine to the rear wheels.

This high-performance chain is made of extremely resistant-to-wear chain joints and break-proof bushes. This is due to a multistage cold forming process with outstanding concentricity, choice of materials, heat treatment and surface compression. The precisely punched plates have a plate outline, which makes a very even distribution of strain possible when stressing the chain.

This high-performance chain has been designed specifically for high performance kart engines. This high efficiency was improved by the reduction of friction. The chain will clearly exceed the lifespan of up to 3-5 times of all chains that have been available for the kart racing industry

The technical progress of the PANTHER chain is based on highest quality of the materials, exact process management for producing resistant to wear and tear surfaces and the use of very progressive technologies.

AiM Sportsystems and REDSPEED Australia have been testing the PANTHER chain for many months on tracks throughout NSW during the Premier State Cup in Clubman Light, 125cc TAG and the CIK Round in New Zealand recently with 100cc Factory Tuned Reed Valve Engines - and the results were outstanding.

  • Less wear up to 5 times the lifespan of a normal high quality kart chains
  • Less friction means more HORSEPOWER where you need it
  • Less drag compared to normal high quality and o-ring kart chains
  • Less lubrication needed on the chain and roller surfaces
  • Less prone to breakage due to the very high strength characteristics of the PANTHER chain

- Highest concentric precision of the chain - Because of minimal differences of the pitch between the chain links; the change of axle distance during unrolling of the chain is at the most 0,08mm

- High long-term strength - Because of low-notch surfaces and separate heat treatment.

This high performance chain is now available here in Australia and New Zealand from AiM Sportsystems and REDSPEED Australia.

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