Rossi Retro Replica

  14 April 2015

1999 CRG Heron Plus Danilo Rossi World Championship replica kart

by Glenn Davidson

My first year in karting was 1997 and in that year Danilo Rossi won the Formula Super A world championships and then did it again in 1999 and immediately I was a fan of the driver.

Danilo Rossi, 1999 World Champion
Above: Danilo Rossi, 1999 World Champion

When the opportunity came up to obtain a frame from Chris Dell at St George Kart Centre I jumped at the chance.

It was just a frame with no bits but I was just glad to have the kart and thought I could source the bits and get the build on the go. A few months later an old heron plus was on ebay UK and I managed to purchase it for 100 pounds, get all the bits stripped off it and sent out to me in Australia.

The parts were in poor condition but after lots of scrubbing, overhauling and polishing the bits came up like new.

The 90s European kart photographer Vincent Caro again was a massive help sending me photos and images to help with the restoration.

With all the parts sorted I needed an engine and by chance the then factory CRG  KZ driver Jordon Lennox Lamb contacted me about stickers for his 90s CRG Kalifornia he was building. Jordon was great and managed to get me a few of the parts I failed to find for the kart but best of all he managed to get me a genuine F&M tuned CRG rotary valve engine.

Luke May at Dunlop Australia was great in getting me some older style new tyres and Chris Dell and William Yarwood helped out with some 90s genuine CRG stickers which was greatly appreciated.

Giancarlo Tinnini, the boss of CRG, was wrapped with the kart and offered to get me any bits I want signed by Danillo which I am in the process of doing. When I sent them the pictures, Ian Salvestrin was in Italy at the time and showed Danilo the images which he was very happy with.

Once completed I was contacted by Vroom and they wanted to do an article on the kart and feature it in their March issue which was great for me getting the kart in the magazine I grew up admiring and seeing images of Danilo in throughout the 90s.

Now this kart is done I can hopefully finish one of my all time favourite karts the Danilo Rossi CRG Heron 1997 World championship winning replica.


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