Custom Kart Suits

  28 January 2015

Looking for your own unique... look? specialise in producing completely customised CIK/FIA approved kart racewear - online.

CKS has been supplying teams and drivers with race apparel in the UK, US and parts of Europe over the past couple of years.

"As we have seen Australian Karting grow both in domestic categories aswell as their presence on the International stage, CKS have decided to enter the Australian market to offer karters an alternative option to their current suppliers" CKS informed KartSportNews.

"With the New Year and season in its early stages, karters new looks and liveries are the focal point of the pre-season news, which is what we are all about.

"Most companies will have stock designs that you can choose from and a limited colour chart, then apply your logos, which only gives you a semi unique look."

Karters can download CKS templates from the page, then create their new professional look from scratch - including layout, sizing, styles, colours and logos.

"The limitations to your fresh look are only limited by your creativity. Not only can CKS do individual items but also put together packages that will save you huge amounts of money!

"As CKS don't hold stock items and are online, we are able to pass the savings onto the customer allowing a great professional look at a price that fits any budget."




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