PRD Galaxy Now Available

press release 27 January 2015

SG Karts is proud to introduce the Galaxy engine.

The Galaxy is the culmination of years of experience to create an engine package that is fast, easy to operate and utilizes some of the best karting components in the world.

Above: PRD Galaxy 125

When creating the Galaxy, PRD teamed with two of the world’s best engine component manufacturers. German ignition maker PVL and Swiss carburettor maker Ibea are both renowned as the best in their industry. Both these makers have assisted in making what we believe is a very special engine.

Above: Fully machined IBEA carburettor

Above: Front view with showing PVL Digital Ignition & inbuilt CDI

The Galaxy features several components which lift the bar in TaG engines. Features include:

  • One-piece Tuned Exhaust Expansion System
  • Adjustable Power Valve
  • Ibea L9 Fully machined Carburettor
  • PVL Magneto Ignition System
  • New model centrifugal metal clutch
  • Increased capacity radiator
  • Increased dimension main bearings

Above: Ignition-side view. Power Valve (red knob) is adjustable

The PRD Galaxy is now approved for competition by Karting Australia for TaG 125 & TaG Restricted 125. Eligibility began 1st January 2015.


Above: One-Piece Tuned Exhaust. Note: 5mm Exhaust Spacers are available and can be fitted between the header and cylinder.

Above: Crankshaft with fully machined conrod

Above: PRD Galaxy has a RRP of A$2900.00 (includes GST)

Available Accessories:


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