New Exhaust Sensor by Unipro

  10 May 2015

Stocks of Unipro's new exhaust gas temperature sensor are now available in Australia.

Distributed by IKD through its dealer network, the new exhaust sensor is ultra fast, very precise and reliable. It is equipped with a standard thermocouple connector for fast disconnection.

RRP is $245.

Unipro has been working to perfect this exhaust sensor for some time, boasting that it's ultra fast, precise and much more robust than the previous version.

To be fitted in the exhaust header, it measures temperatures of 0 to 800 deg C with just a 3-degree error range. It features an angled cable and very fine Nickel-Chrome-Nickel sensing tip.

The sensor can also be used with non-Unipro laptimers.

Above: The very fine sensing tip



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