Answer The Question! (Poll #2)

by Mark Wicks 17 August 2015

Inside of 24-hours, hundreds of people have cast a vote in the first of this series of polls.

Even more impressive has been the number of questions that have landed in my inbox for future polls!

Today's poll is below and asks whether “budget classes” should transition to a rock-hard, long-life tyre that easily lasts aroiund 20+ race meetings without significant lap-time time drop off.

Now, before you answer, have a decent think about this.

The intention would be that this tyre, after a year of hard racing, would turn lap times that were pretty much on par with what it did when new at the start of the year. The trade-off for this long life is it would be rock-hard and low grip.

Such a tyre would significantly reduce running costs for a club level karter to remain competitive.

But such a tyre would render current chassis obsolete. The manufacturers would end up building new karts and components to suit the hard rubber.

Also, there is drivability to consider. Some karters just love the feel of racing on a high grip tyre and are willing to keep throwing new boots at it to experience the thrill.

Conversely, there are others who simply want a slower and less grippy tyre that is not going to bust their ribs or require they hit the gym just so they can last a club day!

Now, go cast your vote.

  • If you missed the first poll, it will remain open for a couple more days - click HERE and vote before it closes!
  • If you’ve got a question you’d like to put to the karting public, email it through ( and we’ll see what we can do. If you wish to pass additional comment on today’s question, email that as well.



The intention of these polls is to cover all sorts of random questions and issues that could be of relevance to any competition karter - from club level amateur to national level pro racer.

This is your opportunity to have your say! Tune in tomorrow for the next question.



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