EurOz Become Starlane Performance Electronics Distributor

  12 March 2016

EurOz has partnered with Starlane Performance Electronics and has become Australian Distributor for the brand.

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The all new fully wireless touch screen Starlane Corsaro GPS+GLONASS data logger as used by CRG factory and Baby Race is available to pre-order from today at just $650 all in.

The small lightweight Corsaro K logger system is ideal for all types of drivers, from a hobbyist that just wants a lap time display to that of a professional data engineer that wants access to many different sensors.

Above: Small, wireless and touch-screen

Above: Back of the unit showing the included 12v external power lead and the micro-USB charge port

The dual-GPS-GLONASS American-Russian military technology allows for much higher precision and accuracy to that of other single GPS systems, allowing for all lap timing and speed to be dealt with by the Corsaro.

This technology means you can measure the vehicle speed with the highest degree of accuracy without having to install any sensor on the vehicle. No user setup is required and, above all, any measurement is always accurate, not altered by the inclination of the vehicle or tire deformation.

Above: The Corsaro + Digirace software will automatically detect and overlay a driver’s racing lines with a real satellite image

Above: The included solar panel powered wireless K module with 2 temp inputs and RPM

The wireless technology means that no sensor has to be plugged into the dash leaving the kart wire and mess free, utilising wireless modules that automatically configure to the dash.

With many different wireless modules available the Corsaro's limits are endless allowing for many expansions for pedal, steering and many other sensors.

Above: A brief image showing the Digirace Software - Integrated video overlay from any type of camera

To put your interest forward for your new Starlane Cosaro K, please:

Full ordering is available through the Euroz website HERE.



  • Automatic lap timer with 1/100 second resolution
  • Double constellation 10Hz. GPS+GLONASS detection system with aeronautical algorithms
  • Automatic finish line and intermediates positioning function without user intervention (SAFD-2)
  • Calculation of the achievable Ideal Time
  • Calculation and visualization of 3 Intermediates
  • Digital engine speed indicator
  • GPS speed indication
  • Water Thermometer
  • Thermocouple K 1000°c thermometer*
  • Settable water and thermocouple temperature alarm*
  • Max. engine speed readout = 32000; max. speed = 165 Km/h or 102.5 Mph*
  • Settable Shift Light*
  • Settable number of pulses per RPM readout*
  • Double hour meter for engine maintenance
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Data download
  • Memory of 999 laps that can be managed in 99 sessions
  • Storage of max. RPM and speed values for every single lap*
  • Speed indication in Km/h or Mph
  • Settable self power-off
  • Settable energy saving functions
  • Settable main screen
  • 128x64 backlit Monochromatic graphical display with Touch Screen
  • Water resistant
  • Dimensions: width 95 mm - height 61 mm - depth 19.5 mm - weight 95 g
  • Supply: built in Lithium battery or external vehicle 12Volts battery
  • Universal installation
  • DigiRace-MMX software available for download
  • Intended use: Scooter - Kart - ATV

Included in the package for CORSARO-K (CORSK):

  • 1 x CORSARO device
  • 1 x WID-A K expansion module
  • 1 x Water temperature Sensor (CH2OM10)
  • 1 x 19mm. Aluminium sleeve (MAN19) for water temperature sensor
  • 1 x Elastic support kit
  • 1 x Dual Lock Adhesive strap fastening kit
  • 1 x Supply cable from 12V vehicle battery
  • 1 x User Manual


To put your interest forward for your new Starlane Cosaro K, please:

Visit the Euroz website shop HERE.








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