Rotax Classes Switch To Vega in USA

  27 October 2016

The Rotax classes in the United States will switch from Mojo to Vega tyres for 2017.

The MAXSpeed Group (Rotax distributor for North America) today confirmed the change. In fact, MAXSpeed has contracted Vega to build tyres with their own "MAX One" branding.

The tyres will offer increased levels of grip compared to the Mojo - something, according to MAXSpeed, their drivers want.

Above: Four tyres will be available - soft, medium and hard compounds, plus a universal wet

“Over the last few months, we’ve listened to our customers and the market demand for high-grip tires,” claims Richard Boisclair, President of MAXSpeed Group.

“For MAXSpeed, this will add a great boost to driver confidence on track, and close the ‘chassis gap’ which has existed for years while using hard-compound tires.”

The last USA event using Mojo tyres will be the Las Vegas US Open Finale, after which the "Mojo tire will no longer be available inside the United States".

It should be noted, the switch in tyre brands appears to be a USA-only thing. There is no indication of any change away from Mojo as the 'world spec' tyre for Rotax.

In fact, IKD has confirmed to KartSportNews, the 2017 Rotax MAX Challenge series in Australia will continue on Mojo tyres.

Beginning 2017, MAXSpeed will be the US importer of all 5" Vega tyres, plus the new “MAX One by Vega” brand, which will serve as the official rubber for Rotax events in America. Long time Vega importer, TS Racing, will continue to import and distribute 6” Vega tyres.

Above: Class structure by tyre



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