New OTKs For 2017

  28 December 2016

The new model OTK chassis for 2017 have now been revealed. Images of Tony Kart, Kosmic, FA Kart & Exprit started popping up on the various brands' websites and social media just prior to Christmas.

Tony Kart announced the Racer 401S, Krypton 801S and Mini NEOS as the designations for their 2017 machines.

Tube size remains the same (chrome moly side and cross rails, 30mm for Racer, 32mm for Krypton) as does wheelbase (1045mm) and axle size (50mm for KZ & OK versions, 40mm for DD2 version).

otk 2017
Above: Tony Kart Racer 401S


Tony Kart Racer 401S (Kosmic Mercury S) & Krypton 801S (Kosmic Lynx S)

The frames for both these models have improved steering column supports and new front bumper connections.

The OK version has a modified centre bearing flange, forged with a new design to better accommodate the exhausts of OK and OKJ engines. The OTK technical department has also focused attention on the throttle cable adjustment and switched to two-bolt sprocket hubs.

OTK also state there is now an "advanced floor plate, whose thickness is 1.5 mm" the chain guard support is one-piece and made of a lighter material than before.

Tony Kart say both karts are lighter than the previous model, but don't specify by how much.

The karts are quipped with OTK's BSD caliper, forged in one-piece and "able to guarantee greater rigidity, strength and performance stability".

KZ - The shifter kart versions have a modified seat support to provide more room, plus a totally new clutch lever that keeps with the angle of the steering wheel when different angle steering bosses are used.

otk 2017
Above: Cast pedal mount fits between the chassis and lower front bar with the new bumper connection


The NEOS has changes in the geometry of the frame compared to the Rookie. It is equipped with new brake hoses, high-grip steering wheel, new silencer connection, multi-hole bearings and throttle adjustment. NEOS has its own braking system, called BSM2. This mini kart also has new stub axles and new wheel hubs and comes with aluminium AXJ wheels (110, 145) that feature a new design. Frame is 28mm chrome moly tube, 950mm wheelbase with 30mmm axle.


Look for the dealers that retail these brands in your area. The Australian importer/distributor for each are:

  • Tony Kart via Tony Kart Australia - HERE
  • Kosmic & FA Kart via DPE Kart Technology HERE
  • Exprit via IKD HERE

otk 2017
Above: Tony Kart with wind tunnel tested OTK M6 fairings (CIK-FIA 2015-2020 homologated)

Above: Seat mounting on a Kosmic

otk 2017
Above: Exprit OK overhead

otk 2017
Above: Rear brake as fitted to an FA


otk 2017
Above: Exprit

otk 2017
Above: Kosmic

otk 2017
Above: Less material in the middle bearing cassette

otk 2017


otk 2017

otk 2017
Above: Adjustable throttle cable mount

otk 2017
Above: Rear brake cast in one piece with two 34.5mm dia pistons.

Above: Clutch lever and water pump drive on the KZ

otk 2017
Above: FA Kart


Above: Exprit race suit

otk 2017
Above: Tony Kart

Above: Front brake for the KZs has one-piece caliper with four Ø 22 mm pistons operating with stroke recovery




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