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Arrow Launches New Self Adjusting Brake System


Arrow will shortly be able to offer Dent Engineering’s self-adjusting brake system on their karts. The new brake system will be available from October 1st for the X2-CIK & X2-28C models which join the recently launched X2-CR Cadet/Rookie kart which also features the self- adjusting system.

The self-adjusting brake system offers the following key benefits:

  • Consistent brake feel and pressure which gives the driver more confidence under brakes
  • Single brake line supplying the four pistons which makes maintenance of the system quick and easy
  • The self-adjustment no longer requires the need to shim the brake pads. This makes sure that the brakes are always at their optimum performance.

Arrow will offer three different brake pad compounds with the system:

  • BDHL2/1 – 11mm Soft
  • BDHL5 – 11mm Hard (this is the pad that comes fitted as standard)
  • BDHL6 – 11mm Extra Hard

"Dent Engineering has been established for over 20 years and is Australia’s leading professional supplier and world leader for the design and manufacture of kart braking systems" Arrow said in a statement. "Dent Engineering provides technical and innovative product development using only the highest quality materials."

Above: New black master cylinder cover

Drew Price Engineering’s Sales & Marketing Manager, Steve Johnson, explained that the new brake system will be initially offered as a component upgrade on the X2-CIK & X2-28C for $200, including GST.

"We have also considered all the new X2 buyers since the launch in June and we can offer these customers the new self-adjusting brake system upgrade for $300, including GST & free freight to their nominated Arrow dealer.

"Normally, this complete brake system retails for $630. The upgrade price does not include any fitment of the new brake system so please discuss this with your local Arrow dealer."

Exisiting owners of X2 chassis who are interested in taking up this offer must contact their Arrow dealer and supply the model & serial number of their X2-CIK or X2-28C chassis.

This offer is effective from the 01/10/2012 via their Arrow dealer until the 30/11/2012.

Above: Neat, user-friendly caliper

Above: Single braided line


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