2013 Birel Chassis

  27 November 2012

Birel Karts Australia advise the release and details of the RY30, 32S5 and C28R chassis for 2013. The 2013 range of chassis will be available mid-January from Birel Karts Australia - Karl Bond, 0425 759 731.

2013 birel chassis

press release


Thanks to the know-how developed by the internal racing department, new techniques have been introduced as regards both the KF and the KZ models

In the last few weeks the BIREL Racing 2013 models, identified by the initials "S5", have begun to be delivered to the teams involved in the National and International Karting races. The most noticeable news regards aesthetics, in particular the Free-line EVO side fairings which have become standard combined with a new captivating graphics. All "S5" models have also a new steering wheel, a larger one (340 mm in diameter) and featuring an innovative shape, able to make driving less physically demanding and the kart general design nicer. Even the clutch lever is new on the KZ models: it is made of solid anodized aluminium and assures a better feeling at the start and a more racing look.

The 2013 setup will be completed by the Free-Line closed chain-guard made of a plastic material resistant to vibrations and oil. As regards the accessories it is possible to choose from three different brake pads: two standard versions and a sintered one for maximum braking power. But the more substantial novelties are obviously in the technical field. In the first place some structural modifications have been made to the bodies (both in terms of material and geometry), by noticeably improving performances, as it became clear in the last 2012 season races run by Birel Motorsport.

The technical interventions have made driving easier, which is important in a sport so popular among the youngest ones, but above all allow to easily find the best setup. An important feature of the "S5" models is the constant performance that they offer, adapting with great versatility to the changing conditions of the track. The Birel technicians worked hard also to make the new chassis effective with all types of tires, carrying out specific tests.

The 2013 range will consist of the RY 30-S5 model, made with 30 mm tubes (available both in the KF and KZ version) and of the RY 32 -S5 model, suitable for the classes with medium hard tires, both single speed and with gearbox. Among the 2013 novelties also the technical evolutions introduced on the C 28 –R model are to be reported, dedicated to the Cadet and Rookie classes from 7 to 12 years.

In this case the more evident operation concerns the axle flanges which have been modified according to the line of the "S5" models and importantly the C28R will be offered in both 900 and 950mm wheelbases. Furthermore some changes have been made on the materials and the geometry of the Chassis, all aimed at improving the performances and making driving easier.

Here below a general comment about the 2013 RACING chassis by the technical manager of the Birel race department, Mariano De Faveri:

"The 2013 frames are the result of a great development work done by the race department and have a common denominator: the high consistency of performance regardless of the track conditions and the tires used. This objectives have been pursued with great determination and a lot of tests, many of which carried out with the collaboration of the external Birel teams involved in each national championship. And from this point of view the feedbacks we received even after the first deliveries of the "S5" chassis are very positive.

"In addition to that, in the whole range a great attention has been paid to the aesthetics and the quality of each accessory, factors that have always characterized the Birel chassis on the market. We believe we have made very competitive chassis both for the single speed and the gearbox classes, able to offer a very good feeling to the driver.


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