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Formula 5 Now In Australia

press release 3 February 2013

The recent arrival of the Formula 5 kart in Australia has created a whirlpool of interest from those who have seen the concept.

Designed by the Italian engine manufacturer Maxter, the 'Variable Performance' Formula 5 karts offer performance options never before seen in the world of karting.

The concept is to offer drivers a "Variable performance" shifter kart.

This electric start engine is based on the standard Maxter KZ motor. However, it can be run in either a 6-speed or 4-speed format with the simple turn of a pin, in addition to a simple exhaust header change, and you can go from approximately 40hp to 27hp.

Now you may find yourself asking "why would I want to reduce the power and gears?". Having simple options between gears and HP is way of offering anyone the thrill of shifter racing with a performance that suits the driver.

Imagine junior performance shifter racing, young fit drivers with the energy and aspirations to one day win a KZ world title. A four speed 27hp shifter kart could also entice new people into the sport who may be considering other forms of motor sport. Once they are up to speed they can easily move to the KZ class.

When the engine is set in its 4-speed 27hp configuration, the motor lends itself very well to many of Australia's circuits which are under 1000 metres. Maxter designed this formula for the thousands of circuits worldwide that are very limited in space and are under 1000m where a standard shifter kart is far too powerful and difficult to handle. With that thought, Maxter feel that this project could be an important part of growing the sport of shifter kart racing worldwide from the ground level up.

With the change of a pin and exhaust manifold the Formula 5 becomes a 6 speed 40hp beast suitable for more expert drivers, on tracks where the Maxter engine can stretch its legs and show what it can really do.

This unique motor is mounted on a spec chassis package that is manufactured by none other than CRG which undoubtedly will be a stellar handling frame to saddle this motor on.

RRP A$10999.99 inc GST

Fully Assembled, Part# KACRG31



Maxter MXE, Electric Start, 4 or 6 Speed Conversion, 27Hp - 40Hp, PVL Digital Ignition, Delorto Carburettor, Delorto Fuel Pump, Freeline Airbox with filter, KTM Radiator with flap. Thermostat with bypass.


30/32 Chassis, V05 Brakes with floating Discs, 25mm Stubs Axles, Sniper Caster Camber Adjusters, Magnesium Wheels, 340mm Steering Wheel, Ad­justable Foot Rest, Pearl NA2 Bodywork, Rear Fairing, Formula 5 Sticker Kit, 8.5Ltr Quick Release Tank, 50mm Chrome Axle, Airbox Support, Ex­haust Deflector, Yokohama ABM CIK M Tyres.

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