Meteor Strike Hits Australia

Strike Product News 10 March 2014

No, not flying rocks from outer space, but high quality Meteor kart pistons landing into Strike Product’s Perth WA headquarters.  These are then sent to engine builders, kart shops and karters all over Australia.

Brett Seeber from Strike Products elaborates:

“Since we brought in the first shipment of Meteor pistons from Italy in early 2013, we have had a great response from the engine builders.  These were initially for the numerous brands of CIK KF, KZ and 100 cc reed/rotary engines.  Meteor Piston has been the leader in producing strong, but very light weight quality piston designs for the ever developing CIK class engines.

Since that time we have increasingly expanded the range, notably including pistons for IAME X30/RL and Rotax Max engines.  These are now homologated for use in AIDKA racing and for those not formally racing under AKA control classes.

The Meteor pistons are of a very high quality and are available in a full range of sizes and are less expensive than the alternative.  Meteor is a very large and long established manufacturer of pistons for karts, motor cycles, gardening, forestry and other applications.  Many of these, in karting applications, are supplied to engine manufacturers such as Lenzo, Motori Seven & BMB for OEM supply.  They also supply many of the factory race teams with custom pistons.

The combination of the Meteor pistons with our locally made STRIKE pistons for Yamaha engines, means that we can supply pistons and rings for virtually all kart engines running today.”

Visit Strike at or call on 08 9303 4915.




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