Shockwave Summer Light Special

industry press release 10 February 2014

Summer Special from Shockwave Australia

For a limited time only, Shockwave Australia is offering a Flag Marshall Light System at a ridiculously low price.

As one of Australia's leaders in wireless technology, we strive to give our clients the most innovative range of products available on the market.

Owning a Shockwave's Flag Marshall Light System will improve both operation and safety during competition racing. We have done this by providing such a simple system that allows officials to concentrate on keeping the race track safe.

In line with our mission and with a successful 2013 we are very pleased to offer new clients the following options:

  • Offer 1: 5 Light System $15,600 (normally $17,000)
  • Offer 2: 6 Light System $18,800 (normally $20,200)

All offers are supported by a 12-month warranty plus free software upgrades. Strictly a limited time, all offers end 31 March 2014.

To find out more information about us or our range of products, visit or contact us on 0407 897 116.

Above: One person can run the entire system from race control. The software runs under Windows or Android operating systems
pic - Shockwave Australia

Above: Software running under Windows
pic - Shockwave Australia

Above: 200mm high intensity LEDs with sun covers
pic - Shockwave Australia

Above: 300mm high intensity LEDs
pic - Shockwave Australia

Above: Typical track installation "all green here!"
pic - Shockwave Australia



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